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BIG NEWS for Midas and Behringer - New Details of M32 X32 VERSION 4 UPDATE (coming soon).

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Midas & Behringer M32/X32 (and its various versions) can be found worldwide on stages and can no longer be discounted/ignored. One reason for the success is that there will be various NEW external stage boxes, and also a number of apps and editors, with which you could put together a modern set-up at a manageable budget. Also, the internal I/O has been improved to make the product almost identical to the equally successful Midas M32.

Recently, the flow of updates has slowed a bit, not keeping up with the current iOS versions, and some of the apps like the Q monitor mixer on the smartphone or tablet became useless on current iOS devices. The reason for this was apparently an overload in the respective teams - this concern can be heard from a number of manufacturers who are struggling to keep pace with the very fast-paced development of mobile devices and their operating systems. Huge software teams are rare at Pro-Audio. However, there was a newly developed app "MX-Q" (monitor mix) in 2019.

At first glance, "everything looks so new" on the small color screen, but so much in advance: That should not hide the fact that it will have to be a successor to the X32. But compared to the well-known user interface of the X32, which was not really a success in the way, sees the new interface of the firmware 4, which also heralds a new design language in this segment of the Music Group, much more modern and professional out. However, this also includes over 15 detail changes that have flowed in, as in the file browser, when typing labels (new logos, history and suggestions in the keyboard, dynamically adjusted signal flow diagrams in the config and sends pages, etc.) Also particularly noticeable is the modified RTA, the z. B. behind the EQ can run - the levels are now not only represented by the bar height of the bands, but also their coloring.

In the processing, signal flow or basic routing there are no fundamental changes in the X32 firmware 4, this would also affect the existing basis of an infinite number of showfiles. Nevertheless, there is a decisive bonus: the previous treatment of the channels in blocks of 8, which sometimes could annoy pretty, can now be partially broken. The new point-to-point routing offers the connection of ins and outs via customizable user slots and thus a solution for the many wishes that could not be realized with the fixed blocks of 8. Less "spectacular", but certainly also helpful: a way to connect the talkback into the matrix.

Another support concerns the new monitor mixer Midas DP48 (48 CH to 12 stereo groups and two stereo mixes). The basic idea of the R & D: it should slowly become more user-friendly to set up signal routings - as between FOH and monitor. The first step here is to transfer settings from the console via Firmware 4 to the Personal Monitor Mixer. Assuming that a mix of mixes is not a bad starting point for In-Ears, the one-time handover of Level and Pan gives you a good start instead of having to start from scratch.

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Philippe Blondeau
15 février 2020
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